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Loy Vaught
Loy Vaught is the Clippers all time leader in rebounds. He played for the Clips from 1990 to 1998.

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Los Angeles Clippers history

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The Buffalo Braves 1970-1978

Buffalo Braves The Clippers came into the league as an expansion team in the 1970-71 NBA season but they were known as the Buffalo Braves. They played in Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium from 1970-1978. Bob McAdoo, Randy Smith, and Ernie DiGregorio were the Braves top players. McAdoo was the 1974-75 NBA MVP and is currently a hall of famer.The Braves made the playoffs three times, in the 1975-76 season they made it to the second round.

The San Diego Clippers 1978-1984

San Diego Clippers
In the 1978-79 season the Braves moved to San Diego and became the San Diego Clippers. The city picked the name Clippers because of the many clipper ships in San Diego. The Clippers had many had a strong roster with many popular players like Bill Walton, World B. Free, and Swen Nater. Their first season in San Diego they went 43-39 but fell just short of a playoff spot. Because of little fan support in San Diego the Clippers had to move again.

The Los Angeles Clippers 1984-Present
Los Angeles Clippers
Before the 1984-1985 season the Clippers moved to Los Angeles. They hoped they could find a permanent home in L.A. instead of having to move again. When The Clippers first moved to L.A. they had good players like Norm Nixon, Bill Walton, and Marques Johnson. After the season the Clippers traded Bill Walton to the Celtics for a first round pick and selected Benoit Benjamin, the franchise leader in blocked shots. In 1988 the Clippers had the first pick in the NBA draft and selected Danny Manning. Manning turned out to be a good choice, he played six years with the team and made it to the all star team twice with the Clippers. In the 1989 draft the Clippers picked Danny Ferry, but he refused to play with the team so he was traded with Reggie Williams to Cleveland in return for Ron Harper. Harper was a great pickup for the Clippers he averaged about 18 points per game during his career with the Clippers. In the 1990 draft they selected Loy Vaught, who is the Clippers all time rebounder. With players like Loy Vaught, Danny Manning, and Ron Harper the Clippers went to the playoffs for the first time since they played in Buffalo. They went to the playoffs two years in a row. They had a 45-37 record in 1991-92 and fell just short of making it to the second round after losing to Utah. in 1992-93 they went 41-41 and lost to the Houston Rockets in the Playoffs. They could not keep Ron Harper and Danny Manning around, so they left. The Clippers went back to their losing ways. Until the 1996-97 season when they came back to the playoffs behind Loy Vaught's strong rebounding and scoring performance and lost to Utah in the first round. The Clippers lost Loy Vaught the next year. After the lockout in 1998 the Clippers were hoping to have a better season than the last one. However they only won 9 games in the shortened season. Lamond Murray and Maurice Taylor were to be the bright future of the Clippers. However that didn't work out as planned, Murray and Taylor both left within the next year, lucky for the Clippers. The Clippers picked Lamar Odom before the start of the 99-00 season. They also moved into the brand new Staples Center. The next season the Clippers picked up Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, and Keyon Dooling in the Draft. The Clippers won twice as many games as they did in 99-00 in 00-01. With Elton Brand, Lamar Odom, and the rest of the young Clipper team, the Clippers look to go far in the future.